Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ne-Yo Is A Fan Of Sammy Davis Jr.


I was flipping through a recent issue of People magazine that someone had left at work. I came across this quote from Ne-Yo, referring to Mr. Bojangles by Sammy Davis Jr.

That song was from the era of the gentleman. That era personifies what it is to have charm and charisma - "swag' is what we call it today.

There have been quite a few articles where Ne-Yo has talked about how much of a fan he is of Sammy Davis Jr. I can't blame him. I'm a huge fan of Sammy myself. There aren't many cats cooler than Sammy. I really love Mr. Bojangles. It's my favorite song by Sammy. I've posted a video clip of it before, but here's another performance by Sammy of this classic tune.

P.S. Here's a picture I've had for some time of Sammy. I'm not sure where I got it, but I thought it was time to post it. I thought it was pretty cool. Do you like it?



Nancy Sinatra Fan said...

Yes, I love that picture of Sammy. The artist did a fine rendition of him.

I'll check out your other blog to see who the singer is.

Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

Hey Pallie Keith - my guess would be all of them. I will stop by your other blog to see if I got it right.

By the way that is a cool picture of Sammy Davis Jr.

Thanks for posting it.

Glenn Bishop

Keith said...

Hey Phoebe. Glad you liked it. It is a really cool one. I can't remember where I found it. Thanks for stopping by my other blog.

Keith said...

Hey Glenn. Thanks for the comments. This is one in particular. I already knew he was a fan, but I saw this in a magazine.

I look forward to you stopping by my other blog. Please leave some comments there. Thanks.

Glad you liked the pic of Sammy. Cheers!

DINO-GAL said...


Keith said...

Hey Terri. Thanks pallie. Glad you liked it.

sushay said...

Very nice!

Keith said...

Thanks Sue.

JFK Jean said...

Ne-Yo is in the Sammy Davis Jr. family tree as far as singing, songwriting, entertaining as a whole and Ne-Yo's Sartorial choices is one I truly admire (thanks or no thanks to his stylist? You be the judge)

Keith said...

I know what you mean. I'm a big fan of Ne-Yo. He's definitely one of the entertainers of today that I most admire and enjoy.