Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Favorite Album Covers: Sammy Davis Jr. - The Goin's Great


I hadn't posted any of my favorite Sammy Davis Jr. album covers yet, so I thought it was about time. This is the cover for The Goin's Great. I really dig this image of Sammy. He is definitely one cool cat. I hope you like it. Cheers!


Planet Mondo said...

would look great framed - what's the track list for this cracker?

Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

I agree Keith - The cover is great and Sammy Davis Jr. is one of my favorite performing - recording artists.

Thanks for posting it.

Glenn Bishop

Keith said...

Hey Dave. I definitely agree with you on that.

Here it is:

1. The Goin's Great - Sammy Davis, Jr., Applebaum, Stan
2. Take It from One Who Knows - Sammy Davis, Jr., Friedman
3. This Guy's in Love With You - Sammy Davis, Jr., Bacharach, Burt
4. Break My Mind - Sammy Davis, Jr., Loudermilk, John D.
5. In This Crowded World - Sammy Davis, Jr., Mandel, Johnny
6. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) - Sammy Davis, Jr., Leigh
7. Bein' Natural Bein' Me - Sammy Davis, Jr., Meskell
8. What Became of Me - Sammy Davis, Jr., Strouse
9. I Have Dreamed - Sammy Davis, Jr., Hammerstein, Oscar
10. I Have But One Life to Live - Sammy Davis, Jr., Burns, Richard

Keith said...

Hey Glenn. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Sammy is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite entertainers of all time. Cheers!

Lollipop said...

Wooowwww!!! this is such a great blog!!
I am going to read it all :

gilligan said...

It's a great cover, no doubt. But my favorite has to be "Something For Everyone" with Mr. Davis surrounded by a harem of beautiful women.

The cover is in one of my posts, and it even has a sound clip from it. Enjoy.


Planet Mondo said...

Great T list - I'm gonna have to get my mitts on that one.

Keith said...

Thanks Lollipop. It was great hearing from you. I really hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to leave comments on any of the posts. Cheers!

Keith said...

Hey Gilligan. Glad you liked it. Oh yeah. That's also one of my favorite covers. It's one I have planned to feature up here. I'll have to check out that link. Cheers!

Keith said...

Hey Dave. Definitely so. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

Hemingway's Lounge / Bukowski's Basement said...

super groovy ... I never saw that album. A shame many of them AREN'T out on CD

Keith said...

Hey Anthony. Glad I could introduce you to this one. This particular one is available on CD. It is a shame that many others aren't.

Jeremy Richey said...

One of Sammy's great covers...killer LP as well

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. Glad you like it. I agree with you there.