Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jerry Lewis In Trouble With The Law


This happened like a week ago, but I'm just finding out about it. I still think it's noteworthy to post up here on my blog.

From the Telegraph:
The 82-year-old actor and comedian was stopped at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, en route to Detroit, when staff spotted the gun during routine baggage screening.

Police detained Lewis and confiscated a .22-calibre handgun. He was cited for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, a spokesman for Las Vegas police said.

The star's manager, Claudia Marghilano, said the gun was a "hollowed-out prop gun" which Lewis uses in his stage show, adding that it was incapable of firing.

But the police spokesman said if it were merely a prop "it wouldn't be a weapon and we couldn't cite him for carrying a weapon". Lewis must attend a court hearing to get the gun back.

Lewis found fame in the 1950s as half of a comic double act with singer Dean Martin. He went on to star in dozens of films, including 1963 hit The Nutty Professor and Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy in 1982.

Since 1966, he has hosted an annual telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which last year raised over £32 million.

In recent years he has suffered a string of health problems, including prostate cancer. In 2006, he had a heart attack during a flight across the US.

Oops. It looks like Jerry screwed up. What is it with celebs carrying guns in their bags? Do they actually not know they are there, forget that they packed them, think they can get away with it, or what? I do wish him the best of luck though.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, reminds me of when our Dino gots arrested with a shooter as well..

The King Of Cool said...

Hey pallie DMP. Oh yeah. I had forgotten about that. What did Dino say?

Jeremy Richey said... they really think Jerry is a threat? They should leave the poor guy alone, he's done enough charitable work in his life to have this minor offense ignored.

The King Of Cool said...

Hey Jeremy. I agree. It's not like Jerry is involved with any sort of terrorist cell. He's an old man who's a legend and done so much good for charity.